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White-noise-machine-for-baby-south-africa, built in rechargeable lithium battery: take it with you wherever you go and move from room to room without having to worry about finding a plug. perfect for putting in your baby bag. sleep aid: the better sleep white noise sound machine delivers soothing sounds from nature or white noise to help you relax and sleep faster. 5 sleep sounds + timer: this sound machine has 5 built-in sleep noise .... Code: c003_cbssss sleep sheep smart sensor . parents asked for it and we answered! sleep sheep smart sensor provides all the magic found in our classic, award-winning sleep sheep model, but with an added bonus: a sensor that turns sleep sheep back on when your baby starts to stir., about . disturbed sleep is one of the biggest causes of poor work performance and cranky people! so when you don’t sleep well at night due to either stress or to a noisy environment, you need to find a solution as fast as possible..

Shockingly, babies don't need silence to sleep! a mother's womb is actually a loud place, and is comforting to babies. when dealing with a cranky or colicky baby, loud, constant noise can quickly help calm them down, especially when the noise is louder than their own crying.