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Zafira-panoramic-roof-problems, sun blind on panoramic roof problem [meriva b] [2010 ---] jump to latest follow status not open for further replies. 1 - 1 of 1 posts. doonhamer john · registered. joined oct 10, 2012 · 181 posts . discussion starter • #1 • mar 21, 2015. hi there i went to close the sun blind today as the sun was coming through and dazzling me as drove along. i pressed the button to close it and worked .... Hi all, hello from a new member and sorry for a long post. i've owned a 2005 zafira 2.2 design for around 3 years and have had repeated problems with the panoramic roof. am i alone or just very unlucky..... when the car was around two and a half years old the center/raised section of the..., how to troubleshoot a sunroof that won't close by liz tomas . a sunroof is an excellent way to get additional sun or air into your vehicle. there are several different versions of sunroofs; most open and close automatically with the touch of a button. if your sunroof suddenly becomes stuck open, and it's rainy or cold outside, you've got a major problem. the two main causes of a stuck sunroof ....

Panoramic sunroof - has anyone had problems? - wazza: looking to buy a car fitted with a panoramic sunroof. it is a sunroof that goes from the windscreen to the back of the car. was wondering how strong they are and if anyone had problems with them cracking etc. like the front windscreen the sunroof is part of the stuctute of the car and was wondering how will it stand potholes, rough roads ..., re: panoramic roof blind. post by mark.c » thu may 10, 2018 1:12 pm i also spoke to the salesman and from him they are popular but they are being seen as a more luxury car, and sales are steady and what they expected. even he was shocked at the runners..

I paid £46,000 for a new range rover evoque last year and have recently discovered a series of cracks in the panoramic roof. i took the car back to the dealer and they found a pin prick of a chip in the roof which they say had caused the cracks. the dealer state that this is a repair not covered under warranty and therefore should be an insurance claim., shrink wrap roof.temporary roofs rhino shrink wrap. i need a temporary roof cover what are my options . services south west scaffolding. home improvement ideas and house needs ideas.

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